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ESTeam enables companies and organizations to understand their global customers. We are the best partner for everything NLP: content factories, machine translation, language-agnostic search, automatic taxonomization, or your textual AI challenges.

Introducing ESTeam

ESTeam is tirelessly innovating. We develop and deploy natural language processing and artificial intelligence software to solve hard problems in analysis, translation, search, and knowledge harvesting.

We combine linguistic methods, using our proprietary tech, with machine learning and state-of-the-art products to deliver optimal results, reliably and at best value.

ESTeam provides the best LangOps solutions through a unique combination of software, workflow, and professional experts.


Software, and now AI, eats everything. What DevOps is to software, LangOps is to textual AI.

About us

Owned by management, composed of entrepreneurial thought leaders and experienced disruptors.


Learn from customer successes and profit from our knowledge sharing articles.

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Why ESTeam?

Throughout our three decades of service to blue chip customers, we have always provided exceptional software and services. Our ultimate goal was and always will be to deliver great value to our customers.

New customers often turn to us when they discover their systems only work well in one language or when their IT department realizes machine learning doesn’t deliver the required precision. We solve their hard problems by thinking outside the box and by deploying uniquely engineered hybrid solutions.


ESTeam Approach

Today our focus is on content factories and language-agnostic AI applications. Why spend time and effort on each country individually when you could serve multiple languages by setting things up once in a smart way?

Half of data is textual and eventually always multilingual. Textual data is hard to process and in most cases it requires a clever combination of rule-based and machine learning algorithms, often supported by humans-in-the-loop.

Our fascination with new technology paired with a problem-solving pragmatism has delivered unique capabilities and benefits to our customers — and disruption to their competitors.

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ESTeam Successes

In the late 1990s ESTeam was the first to feature a server-based automatic translation system incorporating both MT and TM. Ever since, we have enabled global companies and public organizations to survive the flood of multilingual data. ESTeam has delivered innovation for many important projects.

By standing at the forefront of LangOps we are today delivering state-of-the-art solutions and decisive value to leading companies in life sciences, manufacturing, and other industries.

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ESTeam was founded in 1995. Since then, our team has mostly faced and solved missions impossible. We pride ourselves on being independent and management owned.

Our team is exceptionally experienced, diverse, enthusiastic, and well educated. We have the ambition, drive, and all the skills needed in NLP and AI to make LangOps true for you.

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