1 Mar 2024

ESTeam AB wins Prestigious European Commission Contract

In a significant advancement within the public sector, ESTeam AB, in consortium with Semantix A/S, has been awarded three major lots in a recent European Commission call for tender, underscoring their prowess in delivering top-notch language and technological solutions.

The awarded contract, set to span until 2026 with potential extensions for two more years, is poised to significantly augment the consortium’s engagement with the DGT, marking a new era of growth and partnership. “Securing these lots is a testament to our consortium’s dedication to excellence, innovation, and our ability to meet the intricate needs of the public sector,” remarked Jochen Hummel, CEO of ESTeam AB. With this win, the companies have affirmed their positions as leading entities capable of handling large-scale, complex projects with stringent quality and deadline requirements.

The DGT, with its expansive operations in Brussels and Luxembourg, stands as the world’s largest translation service, tasked with a vast array of linguistic duties that support the European Commission’s mission. The success of ESTeam AB and Semantix A/S in this tender not only underscores their expertise in linguistic and technological solutions but also their unwavering commitment to serving the needs of the European community at large.

6 Sep 2023

Fall 2023 Conference Season

Listen to and meet our CEO Jochen Hummel at several important conferences this fall. He starts on Sep 12 by giving the keynote at the plusmeta Knowledge Days (plusmeta got recently aquired by Quanos, his topic of Generative AI is crucial for all stakeholders in Tech Doc). The following week on Sep 22 Jochen talks about “LangOps in Industries” in the Language Intelligence track of Semantics/LTI Leipzig.

Jumping from Germany to California, Jochen joins on Oct 10 industry experts in a Localization Institute round table discussing how language factories drive LLM deployment. Two days later Jochen moderates the LocWorld50 keynote panel on the threat, innovation, or myth of ChatGPT replacing us all.

JH speaking 1

30 Mar 2023

LangOps Pioneers Event in Berlin

The twelve principles of LangOps have drawn quite some attention. Is LangOps only a new buzzword or does it move language from the fringes to the center of enterprises data processing? For us LangOps is a success strategy for customer-caring enterprises and a career path for aspiring language professionals. LangOps is not just about technology. It’s a set of philosophies, practices, and tools that increase a company’s ability to communicate with its global customer base.

Therefore, LangOps Pioneers get together on March 30 in Berlin’s stunning AXICA Sky Lobby to continue their work on the LangOps Manifesto and to shape the future of multilingual AI. In an unconference style the pioneers give their interpretation of LangOps in elevator pitches, share their thoughts about the future of LangOps, and provide concrete use cases and experiences deploying LangOps.

AXICA Sky Lounge Berlin 2
Join the LangOps Pioneers in Berlin at the Brandenburg Gate

2 Nov 2022

First Draft of LangOps Manifesto presented

Unbabel’s Vasco Pedro and João Garcia, Semantix’ Britta Aagaard, and ESTeam/Coreon’s Jochen Hummel presented at LangOps Universe in Lisbon their first draft of the LangOps Manifesto. While it still fits on one page it already lists the twelve core principles of LangOps:

I Understand all customers — II Support all customer facing functions — III Embrace data-centric AI — IV Try AI first — V Respect the human-in-the-loop — VI Expect transparency, control and scalability — VII Process data in real time — VIII Build language-agnostic — IX Promote interdisciplinary knowledge — X Leverage available data and tech — XI Assess quality of AI — XII Be at the forefront!

image 2
The beginning of a great journey

14-15 Sep 2022

Multilingual AI and LangOps at SEMANTiCS/LTI

ESTeam CEO Jochen Hummel will head a panel on multilingual AI at this year’s LANGUAGE INTELLIGENCE@WORK in Vienna Sep 14-15. He will discuss with Dr. Jan Oevermann (CEO of plusmeta) and Dr. Thomas Lindemann (CEO of Fyrfeed) how to architecture AI applications so that multilingual does not become an expensive (or impossible) afterthought. Jochen also joins Semantix’ Britta Aagaard and Unbabel’s CTO João Garcia to set forth the future of LangOps.

At the same time and place, the SEMANTiCS conference will enable attendees to learn about the latest trends and application scenarios in the fields of machine learning, data science, linked data and natural language processing. For example, Coreon‘s Michael Wetzel will present together with Georg Sedlbauer and Kerstin Hubmer from the Vienna Business Agency how to Smartening Up Chatbots with Language-Agnostic Knowledge Graphs.

25 Apr 2022

LangOps – A New Paradigm Beyond Transactional Translation

SemantixBritta Aagaard and ESTeam’s CEO Jochen Hummel present at the GALA conference in San Diego on how a multidisciplinary approach will revolutionize the language industry’s outdated business model. They talk about how LangOps constitutes a new industry paradigm and brings the real disruptive benefits of AI and machine learning into the localization ecosystem.

They explain what actually makes AI enabled solutions and NMT disruptive. Building on three equally important elements – bleeding-edge LangOps, automated workflow, and reliable resource management – it is possible to deliver unprecedented advantages in faster turn-around, lower costs, and consistent quality for the largest and most demanding customers in the world. Britta and Jochen are eager to move translation into the 21st century, where linguistic assets become differentiators to position localization on a completely new strategic level.

28 Jan 2021

Semantix & ESTeam Win Giant EU Commission Contract

Semantix and its long-term partner ESTeam have been awarded the EU Commission’s call for tender GROW/2020/OP/0002. The service contract represents a total value of 34 MEUR and is one of the largest in Europe. Semantix is the leading language company in the Nordics, currently ranking #13 worldwide. ESTeam is a tech company known for innovative NLP, knowledge management, and multilingual data solutions. Another significant partner in the collaboration will be Summa Linguae.

The contract is for translation services associated with the technical regulations and rules on information society services laid down in Directive (EU) 2015/1535. Also called the “Single Market Transparency Directive, SMTD”, this procedure is a preventive monitoring instrument managed by the Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SME’s for the whole Commission to ensure the proper functioning of the internal market.

The contract was won in competition with Europe’s most experienced services providers. It marks a breakthrough in offering an AI-driven solution for translation services that adds unified human and linguistic asset classification, content recycling, Coreon’s knowledge-based terminology recognition, and semantic quality assessment to the process.

Britta Aagaard, Chief Business Officer at Semantix states: ”The award of this major contract and the innovative solution proposed will further position Semantix as industry leading language technology company for multilingual services”, and she continues, “For many years, ESTeam and Semantix have successfully collaborated on highly complex large-scale projects combining multilingual processing with a semantic information infrastructure and a powerful services organisation.”

Jochen Hummel, CEO of ESTeam, said: “In spite of the breath-taking progress of AI, customers of LSPs haven’t enjoyed much innovation since the rollout of CAT in the 1990s. We are thrilled that in partnership with proactive Semantix we are now delivering the game-changing benefits of state-of-the-art translation solutions to important customers.”